Kypter, as an active member of the civil engineering and construction industry does not operate in isolation from the community or the environment and as such strives to implement a socially responsible model of business across all of its endeavours.


The projects Kypter participates in require us to be conscious about not only doing a great job for our clients, but to be socially and environmentally responsible for future generations. Kypter takes responsibility of its actions and  position as part of a complex ecosystem of people and environments, which interact together. In this respect, Kypter is committed to its people and the sustainability of the future. Kypter endeavours to use and provide the safest and most environmentally friendly equipment and encourage a commitment to sustainable actions and strives to be socially responsible.


Environmental Sustainability

Kypter has implemented the following environmental sustainability practices;

  • Lowered carbon footprint due to use of both retrofitted engine modifications and new technology
  • EPA licensed facility
  • Environmental best practice regarding site water run off.


Social Sustainability

Kypter aims to reduce its negative impact upon society and increase its positive influence through the following;

  • Support given to local schools, charities and sporting clubs


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